Mallory Wickam

Mallory. Where do I even begin with Mal? This past semester I had the opportunity to work with Mallory, who is a long time friend of mine, for the Vindagua yet again. After traveling through Europe together this shoot came so naturally. I wanted to Uniquely show Mallory’s spirit for History, and fashion is a why that really enhanced the way you view her. I had her bring in some of her most prized possessions and we set up what was a small “museum” to represent Mallory’s love for Museums and curating Museums, that didn’t turn out as we wanted but it allowed for me to take the portrait approach and make it work to our advantage. Incorporating her favorite books, cases, statues, ascots and her laughter really added to her natural talent and beauty. It was an honor to be able to tell the story of this dear friend of mine. To read more about Mallory click here.

Lily Scott